High Standards

Lean & Quality

In order to create success for our customers, we developed “The Vintex Way”—our business management system based on our values of continuous improvement and innovation, and comprised of lean manufacturing disciplines.

Vintex received ISO certification in 1997, and is currently ISO 9001:2015 compliant. Our quality system is in place to ensure we understand your needs and expectations, to eliminate or reduce all forms of waste, and to create meaningful work for our team members.  Quality Policy


Vintex always strives to exceed safety requirements. We maintain safety and ergonomic training for all our team members, and continuously review and, where possible, improve the materials used in the production of our products. In establishing healthy and secure supplier relationships with reputable global corporations, we ensure materials are safely created, handled, and are fully traceable.


Vintex has demonstrated sound environmental practices for many years, and have a long record of continuously improving our performance. Here are a few highlights:

  • During the 1980s, we developed a grinding and molding process for bi-polymer production waste, which has been diverting hundreds of thousands of pounds from landfill into retail consumer products.
  • During the 1990s, we eliminated solvent top-coats, converting to 100% aqueous materials.
  • We reduced the diameter of knitting machines, eliminating hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste.
  • Within the last decade, capital investment in our pigment process has eliminated hundreds of thousands of pounds of polymer waste.
  • Our current efforts are focused on carbon footprint reductions and product end-of-life recycling.

Under the Toxics Reduction Act, Vintex is required to report the following information regarding certain materials in use at Vintex’s facility. Please find below our Toxic Reduction plan summary and our Public Report for Calendar Year 2014. Any questions, please contact Paul Hruska at paul.hruska@vintex.com

Toxic Reduction Plan Summary.   Ontario Toxics Reduction Act 2017 Public Report.


Vintex’s procurement practices are focused on raw material consistency. To deliver on this promise of quality, we only procure products from high quality and reputable global companies, ensuring a high degree of confidence in the safety, performance, and accountability of our products.