Vintex Announcement – Ownership Changes

Vintex Announcement – Ownership Changes

Vintex is pleased to announce that it has been acquired and is now part of the Cooley Group (https://cooleygroup.com). 

Cooley is an industry leader in coated fabrics with an international presence in over 50 countries.   Their products span across five businesses: Waterproofing Solutions, Containment Solutions, Custom Solutions, Print Media Solutions, and Sign & Shade Solutions. They are strong in commercial markets and geo textiles with a more limited presence in healthcare, where together with Vintex, we will work  to build market share.

During the last year, the ownership group of Vintex (Steven Wood, Paul Helsby and Don Wallbank), embarked upon a process to pass the torch to a new ownership group with the resources and time horizon to invest in Vintex and continue its long history of creating success.  The goal was to find a strategic buyer that shared Vintex’s culture and values and who is able to best leverage our technology, market position and intellectual property.  We are proud to announce that effective immediately, Vintex has been acquired by the Cooley Group and the private equity company J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC.  (Please see the attached Cooley public announcement.)

This is great news for Vintex and great news for our valued customers who will benefit from this change as follows:

  • Vintex will have greater scale and scope that will provide access to new process and polymers
  • The combined companies will have a number of plants to service our customers.
  • Whitney can enable further investment in new capabilities in the future
  • The current Vintex manufacturing site is important to Cooley and will continue to serve our customers as a long term strategic investment
  • The current executive leadership team of Kasper Van Veen and Jamie Goodfellow will remain with the organization as a strong and local management team.
  • The current ownership team will remain as consultants into FY2021 to help facilitate a smooth and seamless transition.

Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Cooley has three locations in the USA, including a Research & Development and Textile plant in Cranston, Rhode Island and a second manufacturing facility in Lancaster, South Carolina. While we share similar technology, we don’t directly compete; few of our customers overlap. Cooley and Vintex are a strategic fit that will create a multi-technology, multi-polymer company serving a broad selection of markets and a wide range of global customers.

Within their world-class Innovation Center in Cranston, Rhode Island, Cooley’s industry leading Research & Development Team consists of PhD chemists and technicians, product testing and analysis equipment, and unique product development capabilities, including two extrusion lines dedicated to new product and new technology.  Cooley’s innovative culture has driven as much as 40% of its revenue from new product solutions.  The combined Vintex and Cooley product development resources will drive further growth in the years ahead.

Thank you for your continued trust in Vintex.  If you have any questions or would like more information please contact your Vintex Customer Service Representative at 800-846-8399.

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