Incontinenance Bed Pads

Eco Efficiency of Incontinence Bed Pads

The overall cost and environmental impact of incontinence bedpads is demonstrated in this Vintex study whitepaper.
Ecological Efficiency of Medical Bedpads – PDFEco Efficiency of Incontinence Bed Pads

Environmental Studies Medical Supplies

Incontinence Bed Pads Eco-Efficiency Analysis

Demonstrating the viability of decreasing the impact of disposable bedpads on a hospital’s environmental footprint.
Eco Efficiency research into Medical Linens – PDFIncontinence Bed Pads Eco-Efficiency Analysis

Safe Guard Barrier Systems

Safe Guard Barrier Systems

In response to growing concerns in healthcare and institutional settings over certain harmful chemical compounds, Vintex introduces Safe Guard Barrier Systems®
Safe Guard Barrier Systems – PDFSafe Guard Barrier Systems

The Facts about Phthalates

The Facts About Phthalates

What are they and why are there concerns? Learn the facts about Phthalates as well as heavy metals, and lead.
The Facts about Phthalates – PDFThe Facts About Phthalates

Bed Pads – Breathability Myths and Reality

Our Technical Manager of Textiles Development reviews the facts.
Made in China – PDFMade in China

Accessibility Plan for Vintex

Accessibility Plan for Vintex

This multi-year plan outlines how Vintex will meet the requirements of the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standard and address any current accessibility barriers for those with disabilities with regards to customer service, information and communications and prevent and remove any future barriers.
Accessibility Plan for Vintex – PDFAccessibility Plan for Vintex

Green pencil checking off a list

Accessible Customer Service Policy

Vintex recognizes the importance of making goods and services accessible to people with disabilities and is committed to providing excellent customer service and a respectful and inclusive environment to all individuals. A copy of our policy will be made available to any person upon request. We will endeavor to provide the document in the same format in which the request was received.
Accessible Customer Service Policy – PDFAccessible Customer Service Policy


Certification of Content

Vintex provides you with information from FAQ regarding what is in Vintex products.
Certification of Content – PDFCertification of Content

California Proposition 65 and Vintex products

Vintex’s VP of Process and Product Development answers some FAQs.
California Proposition 65 and Vintex products – PDFCalifornia Proposition 65 and Vintex products