New, Lower-Cost Material Handling Products – KRC2, V-Clear2 & Vu-Thru2

Vintex is well known for high-quality composite material handling products and we are pleased to introduce a new lineup of lower-cost automotive material handling options. These new materials give automotive packaging manufacturers and returnable dunnage design engineers added choices when looking for soft, durable, fabrics they can trust.  The benefits are a better value point for cost sensitive projects without having to compromise on performance. 

Every manufacturer wants to use the best products available at a competitive price.  So, when Vintex looked at its material offerings, we wanted to give customers more flexibility and choices in deciding between “Good, Better, Best”.

Expanding our product offering allows customers to take advantage of all the benefits of dealing with a trusted supplier for volume pricing, consolidated shipping, quick delivery, technical support and of course, the high-level of service that can always be expected from Vintex. 


We are pleased to introduce the new additions to our line as follows:


A new soft, brushed Tricot face offers excellent protection to any Class-A surface.  Tested for scratch resistance against sensitive parts, this new composite face fabric outperforms competing products while maintaining the same weight and strength properties of standard KRC.  Currently available in grey with a tan and blue option in development for early 2021.


Newly formulated to create a crisp blue tint with improved clarity, V-Clear2 introduces a new 2×2 scrim matrix with wider openings for better transparency without sacrificing any strength or durability properties.  Available in 13, 18 and 27oz, this newly designed formulation offers an attractive price point perfectly suited for indoor curtain, cover and flap applications.  


A cool blue tint gives Vu-Thru2 a modern look and feel for any dunnage bag application.  Our new PVC formulation provides a smooth-glide surface to help parts slide in and out of packaging. In addition, a slightly firmer hand adds pocket support and shape structure for long term performance.

All three new fabrics are manufactured exclusively at Vintex’s Mount Forest, Ontario production facility and have been engineered to meet today’s essential automotive standards.  These new products have been added to the portfolio of our existing products, creating the industry’s most comprehensive assortment of material handling fabric options.


Please contact our Inside Sales Rep, Alison Marchant, to find out more:



What’s Next?

New Material Handling Tote and Bin Liners

Vintex is currently developing a new line of TAB Liners (Tote And Bin) engineered specifically to line rigid containers and protect Class-A parts with a soft and affordable sewable fabric.  Trials are currently underway and initial customer feedback on prototypes and usability has been great!  Please call for additional information and stay tuned for product release in early 2021.     



Jamie Goodfellow

SVP, Corporate Development

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