Institutional Fabrics

Certified Safe Guard Barrier Systems

All Vintex V‐Care® and SoffTICK® products are now Certified Safe Guard Barrier Systems, meeting phthalate-free and lead‐free CPSIA guidelines.

In response to growing concerns in many healthcare and institutional settings over certain harmful or suspect chemical compounds, all V-Care and SoffTICK fabrics are now certified by Vintex to be manufactured to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and phthalates to the following levels:

Please be assured that these products have been lead and heavy metal free for many years, it is the phthalate-free standard which is our new feature. These phthalate-free products have all been formulated to meet the same specification (FR, anti-microbial and all physical properties) as our prior products and hence there is no change in the fabric’s appearance or performance.

We hope you agree that this change will be of significant benefit by keeping your Vintex V-Care and SoffTICK coated textile components in compliance with all current and possible future regulations.

Note: This change does not apply to your Supreme 4-way stretch PU/knit fabrics, which as non- PVC products, have always been free of phthalates.