Uniply Lite: The Superior Bonded Bed Pad

Institutional laundry environments can be harsh, with the expectation the bed pad needs to endure all conditions whether or not these are regular or isolated circumstances.

Challenges for heavily soiled bed pads can include:

  • chlorine bleach pre and re-wash
  • heavy duty strike extractor technology
  • long pad-life or misuse such as, faulty equipment, batch contamination, and/or process miscalculations

Laundry Chemical Resistance

Vintex’s formulations and fabrics are proven technology for over 30 years. Uniply Lite is backed with a heritage of proven performance. Vintex PVC formulations proven to withstand multiple chemical environments

  • demonstrated to withstand wide variety of commercial laundry chemical systems
  • traditional chlorine sanitizing and or re/pre-wash
  • conversion to peroxide or per-acidic systems


Vintex’s unique mechanical bonding process fuse various components of the bed pad together delivering up to 50% improved durability to alternatives

  • substantial improvement over laminated construction
  • provides inherent protection against adhesive decomposition and subsequent delamination

Endure Equipment Rigors

Improved laundry efficiencies, decreased cycle times

  • demands on bed pad’s durability has increased


Tunnel washer / strike extractor improvements

  • harsh mechanical environments have resulted
  • demands on bed pad strength has increased

Field studies show a unique and verified performance advantage with Uniply Lite over urethane pads Uniply Lite offers superior resistance against strike extractor induced micro-bursts and leaks.

Failure Modes of Urethane Pads



Strike extractor micro-burst

Strike extractor micro-burst

Thin Film gels

Thin Film gels



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